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Template:Infobox Automobile The Chevrolet Agile is a subcompact car developed by General Motors in Brazil and built in Argentina. The vehicle is powered by a Family 1 engine Flex-fuel engine, and while the 1.4L version is the only one available, it is rumored that in the future there will be trim versions using the 1.0L and 1.8L. Based on the GPiX Concept, introduced at the 2008 São Paulo Auto Show[1][2], the Agile competes with the Volkswagen Fox and similar models.

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Anti-lock braking and airbags are available on the LTZ model. The 1.4L engine is shared with the Chevrolet Prisma and Chevrolet Corsa.

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Brazilian EnginesEdit

Model Production Engine Power (gasoline/ethanol) Versions
1.4L 8V 2009-present I4 Econo.Flex 98/103 PS (97/102 hp)) LT/LTZ

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